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NMRFAM eNewsletter – November 2017

  *   December 2017 time requests: This is a reminder that November 19th 4pm CST is the deadline to have spectrometer time reserved for you for December 2017; please contact Lai Bergeman<mailto:lai.bergeman at wisc.edu> by e-mail or call 608-262-3173. You may schedule time yourself, as soon as the calendar is open by end-of-day on November 20th, by logging into Sundial and following the requests process.

  *   YouTube video tutorials and help pages for users of Sundial (creating and submitting time request) - http://www.sesame.wisc.edu/sesame_videos.html and http://www.sesame.wisc.edu/sesame_helppages.html

  *   Jaulan (Agilent 600) is operational starting December 1st 2017.

  *   Vosges (Bruker 600) is not operational. It is in the process of being moved and should be available in about 1 month.

  *   Devon (500MHz II) – Starting from September 1st 2017, default probe on Devon will be 4mm CP-MAS (solid probe). If user would like to use cryoprobe, request has to be submitted on/or before the 19th of the previous month in Sundial for consideration or use Kerry (500MHz I).

New User/Collaborator Information:
Please note that if you would like to collaborate with our facility you will need to submit an abstract providing some detail to Dave Aceti<mailto:djaceti at wisc.edu>, our coordinator, who will bring it up for review at our weekly staff meeting for approval. Please visit the NMRFAM website<http://www.nmrfam.wisc.edu/become-a-collaborator.htm> for more information.

Other NMRFAM capabilities:
Solid state probes at NMRFAM:
·         3.2mmEfree CPMAS, 4mm CPMAS and HRMAS probes - 500 MHz (Devon)
·         3.2mm Efree CPMAS and static BioProbe (PISEMA experiments) -  600 MHz III (Vosges)
·         3.2mm Efree CPMAS probe and 1.3mm ultrafast CPMAS probe- 900 MHz (Fleckvieh)

  *   LC/MS micrOTOF Q II and Bruker Nanostar SAXS (small angle X-ray scattering) instruments are now available for use and collaboration.
  *   For information about LC/MS and SAXS, please email Paulo F. Cobra<mailto:paulo at nmrfam.wisc.edu>.

  *   NMRFAM Software News:

NMRFAM-SPARKY new features:

-       Improved PINE / PINE-SPARKY 2 (ep)
-       Hydrophobic core and flexibility detection in PINE-SPARKY 2 (ep)
-       Sequence entry integration for automated tools (sq)
-       More colors available (ct, cr)
-       Move labels to peak centers (lc)
-       Dummy graph (dg) / Pine graph assigner (pp) small fix
-       Explicit buttons in the strip plot (sp / SP)
-       Completeness counter (cm)
-       Improved APES peak picker (ae)
-       Improved PONDEROSA structure calculation (c3)
-       Improved PDB use for NOESY assignment (ad)
-       FLYA peak import in read cyana tool (cy)
-       NMRPipe, NMRView, TopSpin files can be directly opened in here.
-       A new conversion script for importing NMRView to UCSF (nv2ucsf)
-       Chemical shift reference views (ir)
-       Mouse wheel (mw) and/or + / - / , / . / arrow key integration
-       Help manual updates for two-letter codes (hn / hI)

Donate to NMRFAM:
US deductible donations can be made to NMRFAM. Please write check payable to:
"UW Foundation, Account 112152802" and mail to:
                        Attn: Sarah Lynn Traver Saunders
                        Associate Administrative Program Specialist
                        University of Wisconsin - Madison
                        Department of Biochemistry
                        433 Babcock Drive
                        Madison WI 53706
For further information, please contact Ms. Saunders, Tel: 608-265-2507 or email<mailto:slsaunders2 at wisc.edu>

Spectrometers at NMRFAM:

·         NMRFAM Spectrometers availability (Live Schedule) for current and upcoming month can be view at http://www.nmrfam.wisc.edu/Spectrometer-Live-Calendar.htm

NMRFAM instrumentation
Spectrometer status:


Cow name

Shortcut name



Bruker AV-HD 900




OK - cold 1H and13C preamps

Agilent VNS 800




OK - cold probe

Bruker AV III 750




OK - cold probe

Bruker AV III 600


600 I


OK - SampleJet

Agilent VNS 600


600 II


OK - cold probe

Bruker AV III 600

Vosges (not operational)

600 III


OK - cold probe

Bruker AV III 600


600 IV


OK - SampleJet (cooled)

Bruker AV III 500


500 I


OK-all cold preamp; SampleJet

Bruker AV III 500


500 II


OK - cold probe





OK - temperature control available

(a)rt - room temperature; c - cryogenic; tr - 1H{13C,15N} triple resonance; qr -1H{13C,15N,31P} quadruple resonance; multiple - multiple probes; VNS- Varian Direct Drive console; AV- BrukerAvance III console

 Below is a listing of the available software on our website that you are free to use or download and some associated publications:
2 - NMRbot
5 - PINE
6 - PINE-Sparky
8 - ADAPT-NMR Enhancer
9 - Newton
10 - PACSY
15 - NMR Structure Tools
16 – rNMR

Please visit the NMRFAM software website<http://www.nmrfam.wisc.edu/software.htm> for more information on the above listed software.

References for recent publications are:

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Cornilescu G, Ramos Alvarenga RF, Wyche TP, Bugni TS, Gil RR, Cornilescu CC, Westler WM, Markley JL, Schwieters CD. Progressive Stereo Locking (PSL) – A Residual Dipolar Coupling Based Force Field Method for Determining the Relative Configuration of Natural Products and other Small Molecules. ACS Chem Biol. 2017 Jun. PMID:28617580

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